Dead Ant


Adventure / Comedy

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Sean Astin as Art
Jake Busey as Merrick
Cortney Palm as Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keithbettinelli 5 / 10

Definitely not eight legged freaks...

That's because ants only have six. Hoping it would be as fun as 8lf which it was to a point and then got rather stale. Not worth the effort; even on a very slow weekend.

Reviewed by Tweetienator 6 / 10

Nicely Done

Watched this with a friend and both we really enjoyed it - yes, Dead Ant is for certain no masterpiece but nevertheless entertaining - if you like horror + comedy + trash movie style. Alone the rock 'n' roll cliches are well played and here and there you get even a sip of gore. Not to forget - the hot chicks provided, and last but not least, the acting and cam work are rock solid.

To sum it up: Dead Ant is recommended if you like trashy horror-comedies which you can watch "braindead" ;)

Reviewed by jenirosester 9 / 10

Super Fun

This is a super fun monster movie! It has a retro 80s vibe and features gigantic killer ants that are terrorizing the members of a has-been rock band. Tom Arnold is hilarious and the entire cast does a great job. This is a fun movie, nothing serious just a really great time!

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